3 Clever Car Salesman Tricks They Don’t Want You to Know

white car parked on road

The car selling industry is replete with different kinds of salespeople. Some salesmen are honest and hard-working, while others have a few tricks up their sleeves. When you enter the car showroom to choose and buy your very first car, you cannot select which salesperson you will be dealing with.

Here is the important thing: are you prepared to deal with car sales associates who have tricks up their sleeves? These salespeople are trained to make you buy impulsively and make you spend more than you prepared for.

There is no escaping this kind of situation. In one way or another, you’d bump into people who’d lure you into buying what you don’t want or more than you need. To help you prepare to face this kind of situation, you need to discover some clever salesmen tricks that they don’t want you to know.

1. The Hard Sell

This is one of the oldest antics of car salespeople. A salesman who uses this approach usually follows a fixed script and ignores the needs and views of the buyer. These salesmen are the most persistent ones as they won’t back down in convincing you that the car is really for you. They play this trick on people as they think that customers are too polite to shun salesmen away.

If you meet this kind of salesman, politely tell him that you don’t need his help today. You can also play a pretext and say, “I’m just looking around.”

2. The ‘Ben Franklin Close’

This one is another classic trick employed by car sellers. This is what happens: The salesman draws a line in the middle of a piece of paper, dividing it into two sides. On one side, they will list down the reasons why you should buy the car. On the opposite side, they will enumerate the reasons for not buying the vehicle. The goal is to push you into making a decision you’re not ready for.

If you are faced with this trick from a salesperson, simply reveal to them that you know the scheme they are employing. Mention that it is actually The ‘Ben Franklin Close.’ The salesman will likely step back and let you take the lead!

3. Bait and Switch

This trick works when a salesperson or dealership advertises low-priced cars for sale that are not actually available in the store. When the buyer arrives to check out the car, the salesman says that the car is already sold out. The trick now comes as the seller will offer the buyer a similar but higher-priced vehicle.

To avoid falling into this trap, check the dealer’s website and take a close look at their car model inventory. From there, you’ll see which ones are available and avoid going to the dealership only to be told that it was already sold. Again, it’s important to remain firm in your decisions!


When dealing with car salespeople, remember that a good salesperson persuades and does not deceive. Giving the proper response to a trick played on you will save you from buying impulsively. Remain on guard and only bring home the car you want!

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