5 Exterior Parts You Should Check When Buying a Used Car

used car

Used cars are considerably cheaper than brand-new ones. Although this may be true, you need to consider that used vehicles still need repairs and upgrades for you to utilize them efficiently for a more extended period. Landing a good deal with a used car is not all about fortune. You need to ensure that you’ve done proper research and inspection on the vehicle so you won’t end up with a defective vehicle that would require frequent fixing. In the end, you’ll most likely spend more on your pre-owned car’s repair than if you bought a brand-new one. 

In this article, you will learn the car’s exterior parts that you need to look into before deciding to purchase it. This valuable guide will help you to determine if the vehicle is still a good buy or not. 

Check the Body Condition

You need to ensure that you go around the car to check all the sides of the body. Check if there are any scratches, dents, or rust, as this will help you determine if the vehicle has been properly taken care of by the previous owner. Remember, rust is the number one enemy of a car so double-check if it’s present. If you detect the presence of rust, it’s a sign that the vehicle may cause you no good and may be a wrong purchase for you. 

Additionally, watch out for misaligned panels or large gaps, patched paints, hinges, and tearing. Take extra inspection on each door by opening and closing them, including the hood, trunk, and driver’s door. If you hear any hinges, it is also an indication that the car has encountered long usage. 

Inspect the Glass

The glass will be one of the biggest factors in determining the cost of the car. For this reason, you must ensure that there are no cracks or larger, pocked areas, especially on the windshield, since windshields can cause you much repair if those cracks worsen. Although small stone chips are minor issues, you can negotiate the car’s cost basing on this damage to help you save for the restoration. 

 Examine the Suspension

It’s crucial for you to check the suspension to know that you will have a smooth ride if you do purchase the vehicle. You can know if the suspension is in good condition if the shock absorbers only bounce once, not up and down. Once you are at the site of the car, test it by pushing down on each corner and tugging the tire back and forth. If there are any clunking sounds, this may be one of your deciding factors since the wheel bearings may be damaged or have issues. 

Check the Lights and Lenses If They’re Working Properly

Fully functioning lights are mandatory for all vehicle types to avoid accidents. Therefore, they are also one of the crucial parts you must check before purchasing. Look for any tail light lens cracks, reflectors crack, or if the lenses are fogged with moisture or missing. In case the lights are damaged, have them checked by a professional and ask for a quote for repair. If it costs you less than buying a new model, have the lights and lenses fixed instead. 

Consider the Tires

The car tires would be your indication if the previous owner wore out the car before they decided to sell it. To help you determine the condition of the tires, first, you need to check if they are from the same brand.  If they’re not, there’s no harm in asking why they have to replace the tires, so you can ensure that the cause of replacement will not lead to further damage. 

Another thing to consider is the tire tread wear. If you know nothing about these parts, seek help from a professional to give you a comprehensive status of the vehicle’s tire condition. 


There’s no harm in buying used cars, especially if your budget is limited. It’s just a matter of choosing the right one, so you won’t end up doubling the costs. While checking all the exterior parts of your potential vehicle is essential, you also need to consider negotiating with a fair and honest dealer to avoid unnecessary costs. 

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