Car Test Drives 101: What You Should Look Out For

car on the road

The reason many people fall for used car unethical tricks is that some dealers post incredible photos of the cars they’re selling. This makes it harder for the buyer to spot the faults of the car and not focus on what is inside the car. It’s easy to get swayed by shiny and perfect exteriors, that’s why you should go for a spin with the car so you can unveil its hidden faults and hopefully dodge that bullet. 

Fortunately, credibly dealers like Lewis Motor Sales sell high-quality used cars, so you can guarantee that you’re getting the bang for your buck. Besides that, they provide exceptional and ethical customer service, allowing them to grow long-lasting and trusting relationships with their clients. 

If you’re thinking of buying a used car, the best way to check its value and quality is by going for a test drive. Partnering a test drive with a thorough inspection will ensure that you’re getting the value for your money. 

In this article, we’ll share with you some test driving tips, so you know exactly what to look out for when you’re giving your potential car purchase out for a spin. 

Inspect the Interiors of the Car

Although jumping in the car and hitting the gas right away can be tempting, you must take a detailed look at the car before you get behind the steering wheel. 

In some cases, sellers would cover up minor car damage, such as scratches and dents. However, some major damages can be challenging to cover, so you may be dealing with significant car damage once you notice some irregularities. Doing a thorough inspection will allow you to gauge the modifications you need to do and how much it could cost in the long run. 

Reliable and credible dealerships will inform you of all the information you need about the car you’re interested in. This is why you must visit reputable dealerships like Lewis Motor Sales for exceptional used cars and excellent customer service. 

Start the Engine and Wait

After taking a detailed look at the car, it’s now time for you to get behind the wheel and start the engine — but leave it that way for a while. When you start the engine, pay attention to the dashboard and indicator lights. 

If there are no alarms or blinking, then this could mean that your car is working fine. After that, you want to rev your car a little and allow your car to heat up. 

When you’re looking at the heating indication, it mustn’t go past mid-point, and once your car is ready, the indicator should stay at mid-point. If you notice that the car is overheating, this is a huge red flag, and you’re better off with another vehicle. Besides the heating indicator, you may also want to notice noises. If you hear irregular noise, that could also indicate car damage. 

Hit The Gas and Take It Out for a Spin

When you’re test driving the car, you want to ensure that all the buttons and elements in the car are working. Besides that, you want to roll the windows up and down to see if they’re functioning properly, too. Finally, check if the air-conditioning and heating unit are working fine.

After making yourself comfortable behind the wheel and everything seems to be fine, it’s time for you to focus on the transmission. Remember — the gear shouldn’t make any noises or should have a delay in transition. And lastly, check the brakes. 

Ideally, you want to check the brakes at high and low speeds, ensuring they are smooth and timely. But bear in mind that you should do a jerking halt, but instead, gently apply the breaks. 

The Bottom Line: It’s Possible to Buy a High-Quality Used Car

Before hitting the gas and taking the car out for a spin, you should know what exactly you’re looking for when you’re buying a used car. With our quick guide, you’ll be able to dodge faulty cars and drive home with an awesome new (used) ride!

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