6 Misconceptions We Need to Break About Buying a Used Car


The year 2021 is all about saving money while being efficient in spending to get the things you need. In areas where public transportation is limited, a car is just an absolute necessity to get around and about. A pre-owned vehicle can offer an excellent and affordable price that will prevent you from splurging.

However, so many rumors shroud and ruin the image of used cars. This buyer gossip often has no basis, but inevitably leads to second-guessing and buying new vehicles, which shouldn’t be the case. This article will help break those common misconceptions so you can decide simply without any bias.

Used Cars Aren’t Safe

Some people spread hearsays that some cars lack the necessary safety features every vehicle has, such as seat belts, airbags, and more. However, this is more for antique and rare cars. All modern cars, whether used or new, still have functional safety features. Just be transparent with your car dealer and verify the safety elements your vehicle has through the internet.

Used Cars Are Defective

Some people speculate that the car may have defects from the owner’s last usage or that there were manufacturing problems with the unit. However, do keep in mind that car dealers can’t legally sell these cars if a driver’s safety is compromised. You could also gain some peace of mind by reading the Vehicle History Report.

Used Cars Require a Big Payment Upfront

It’s often spread that auto financing involving a used car can hurt your pockets a lot more than a new vehicle when demanding cash upfront, but that’s not the case. Many car dealerships won’t require you to pay a lot of hard money upfront; you just need to see if you’re eligible for a loan or the dealership’s own financing options.

Used Cars Needs a Lot of Gas

Drivers need to remember that the amount of gas used up by the car is dependent on the size and maintenance of the engine, not whether it was used or not. Care Maintenance will have to be done a lot more with used cars, though, as you will need to change the oil and be more hands-on to ensure optimal performance and fuel efficiency.

Used Cars Can’t Be Resold

Well, considering the existence of used car dealerships, it goes to show that these secondhand vehicles do have some resale value. Depending on the model, you could probably get some revenue from selling some personally used cars in the future. You never know if your old car is someone else’s dream model.

Used Cars Don’t Have Any Warranties

This hearsay isn’t true in most cases. A new car usually has a warranty of three years. Used car dealerships might have some vehicles in their inventory that still have leftover warranties from the previous owner if they sold them within those three years. You can still access the guarantees and contact a manufacturer if that’s the case.


It’s safer to take the hearsays with a grain of salt and do your own research instead. Getting a used car when you’re on a budget is a great idea that can help you save money for other expenses while having some wheels at your disposal.

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