3 Reasons to Buy Used Cars Over New Ones as a Young Driver

used cars

When they say the best part about growing up is that you can buy bigger toys, they are not lying. As kids, playing with toy cars is one of the most fun activities ever, and now that you are an adult, you can finally own a set of four wheels you can drive to your heart’s content.

That being said, reality might hit hard when you look at a vehicle’s price tag, especially if you are a young driver with a tight budget. With not much money, you might be torn between saving a bit more to buy a brand-new vehicle versus purchasing a more affordable second-hand vehicle. If you ask us, we recommend going for used cars over new ones. Here is why: 

You save plenty of money

The most significant benefit of buying a used car is that it is much easier on your finances than buying a new vehicle. Many used cars are still in excellent condition, meaning that you save money while enjoying a great vehicle! Since you already purchased a used car, its value will not drop as much as it would have if you bought a new car. You can easily sell it in the future for roughly the same amount if ever you want a new vehicle, whereas you will incur quite a loss with new cars. 

You can drive “rough”

When we say “rough,” we do not mean driving around recklessly. You should always put safety first, regardless of whether you drive a new or used car. What we mean by “rough” is that, since you are a new driver, you may not be so well-versed in the world of driving. This means you might make some mistakes while driving, leading to costly repairs and the like. 

In other words, driving a used car means that you can take the time to develop your technique without worrying about damaging the vehicle too much and hurting your investment. Plus, any wear and tear will not be as painful.

You get to learn what you want

We never know what we want until we get it. This is true in everything we purchase, from mobile phones to vehicles. When buying a car, you might think that a sporty car might be for you, but after driving, you might end up finding out that an SUV is much more logical. Of course, you will only realize this once you start driving a vehicle. 

When you buy your first car, we always recommend purchasing a used car. You do not want to get caught spending tens of thousands on a brand-new vehicle you do not like, so gather that driving experience from used cars to make an informed choice in the future!


The first reason to buy used cars is to determine the right car for you. Second, you may still need to gain driving experience to treat your car correctly. Third, you may not have enough funds for a new vehicle. All in all, used cars are always a safe option, and with plenty of used cars on the market, there is no shortage of options! 

In fact, many experienced drivers still stick to used cars simply because they offer excellent bang for the buck. That said, make sure to compare different used car options carefully so you can find the best deal possible!

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