Top 5 Reasons Why Newlyweds Should Get a Used Car Instead

man driving

Starting your marriage on the right foot means keeping things organized, including major financial decisions like getting a car. With the right used car, newlywed couples can maximize the benefits of savings and transportation combined.

That said, buying second-hand cars for sale in Brentwood takes some expertise, which means picking the right dealership is essential, so the car doesn’t cost more fights than it’s worth. 

More importantly, with new vehicles costing more and more every year, it makes more financial sense to start with a used car you can ride for years to come.

Here are five compelling benefits of buying used cars as newlyweds you should know of: 

1. Kick Start Your Marriage With Reliable Transportation

Marriage is like beginning a new life. Some couples continue to live with their parents, while others decide to rent. You must be self-sufficient as a young couple at the start of your marriage. 

A huge part of setting yourself up for success involves convenient transportation to where you need to be, like events or work. It may not make much sense right now, but once you realize where everything is leading, it will. The foundation you build today will go a long way toward ensuring your success as a couple.

2. Save Money for Other Major Purchases Down the Road

The average cost of a used automobile is nearly half that of a new car! You will be able to pay off a used automobile considerably more quickly, which will save you money on fees. 

Consumers switch vehicles every six years on average, so if you spent $10,000 for a used car instead of $20,000 for a new one, you could upgrade to a higher-end car for your next vehicle or buy another $10,000 car, thus creating your two-for-one deal!

3. Get to Drive a Certified and Thoroughly Inspected Car

Used car shoppers can expect well-known Brentwood used car dealers to deliver a high-quality, thoroughly tested vehicle that is also a good deal. This means the manufacturer or another certifying organization has examined, reconditioned, and issued safety certifications, ensuring that they are of excellent quality. 

Extended warranties, special financing, and other perks are frequently available with certified pre-owned cars. In contrast, a new car only has the benefit of being brand new.

4. Make Sound and Mature Financial Decisions

Money may have been tight when you first married. After the wedding, it’s important to set spending limitations to reach your financial goals in a shorter time.

 Setting up a joint account for you and your partner will allow you to keep your wedding costs separate from your other household expenses. The objective is to spend money together as a couple and to understand your financial flow. To know how much you’ll be paying for a used car, check out our financing calculator.

5. Start Building Your Credit

The simple act of buying a car from a used car dealer is a good and practical step for developing credit, which many people are unaware of. Financing a used car is one step towards a stellar borrower’s reputation, whether you’re just starting to build your credit history or seeking to improve it.

When you decide to buy your first house later in life, you’ll need credit. If the bank judges that you’re creditworthy as a married couple, you’ll be able to move into your dream house.


Marriage is like driving in the sense that a long road lies ahead, and you’ll need to prepare accordingly. It may seem weird to believe that buying a used car for both of you will put you on the right track, but once you’ve finished the papers, your savings will thank you for it.

Get your first car ever from a reliable used car dealer in Brentwood who has your best interest in mind! Lewis Motor Sales sells only the best hand-selected cars, so you can drive off the dealership with something you can drive for many years. Contact us so we can help you choose your first used car today!