5 Reasons to Buy a Used Car For Your Teenager

used car

When your child is approaching their 16th birthday, you may start wondering about what kind of car to buy for them. After all, they’ll soon be old enough to get behind the wheel, which means you can finally relieve yourself of driver duties. Some parents go ahead and get them brand new cars, but other parents argue that new drivers are more likely to wreck their vehicles, which is why used cars work better.

It may make sense to buy a brand-new car for your teenager because it’s equipped with the latest safety features. However, the newness of a vehicle doesn’t have much to do with its safety; there are plenty of very safe used cars out there that would be more economical to purchase for your child. Here are five reasons to buy a used car for your teenager:

It’s Cheaper

One of the ultimate benefits of buying a used car is that it is always cheaper than buying a brand new one. Cars cost a lot of money and depreciate over time, and new vehicles come with many other expenses such as insurance, taxes, maintenance, and repairs. However, you’ll get to save a lot more on the purchase price of a good quality used car, allowing you to funnel the savings into routine maintenance. That way, you can strategize your spending without sacrificing quality on a vehicle for your teenager.

It Teaches Humility

Humility is one of the most valuable qualities you can ever teach your child. It’s also one of the most difficult ones, requiring you to lead by example. Buying them a used car teaches them that they need to work for the things they want. The last thing you’d like your child to do is to show off a brand-new car around town, flaunting their wealth without understanding the hard work that goes into earning enough money to afford a vehicle. 

It Helps Them Understand the Value of Hard Work

A brand-new car is often a reward for your hard work. It’s something you buy yourself after all the effort you put towards earning enough money to support your needs. When you apply this line of thinking, there’s a big chance that your high school teenager hasn’t accomplished anything that deserves such a significant financial prize. Gifting them with an expensive car teaches them that they can get high-value items without any effort, which is not an attitude you’d want them to carry into adulthood. However, if they’re in a position to financially contribute toward the purchase, getting them a higher quality car would be something to consider.

It Encourages Personal Responsibility

Giving your teenager a used car teaches them that things won’t fall into their lap; they’ll have to show up and work for it. It conveys the vital lesson of personal responsibility, as it is a concrete indicator that they do not need nor deserve a shiny, expensive car. A good quality used car can teach them about all the care that goes into maintaining a vehicle, which is a valuable lesson that will come in handy later in life.

It’s Less Painful When It Gets Damaged

It’s no secret that new drivers make mistakes—sometimes costly ones. Your teenager will make a fender bender at some point, and the damage will be much less painful on a used car. Since it’s cheaper to fix used cars, you can also leave the cost of repairs up to your teenager to teach them the value of driving safely and taking responsibility for their actions.


When it’s time for your teenager to get behind the wheel, you may want to get their own car to encourage independence and responsibility. Buying them a used car offers many more benefits than buying a new one, as it teaches them many valuable virtues that will help them grow up to be trustworthy adults. 

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