5 Good Reasons to Buy A Rental Car

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Are you looking for used cars for sale? You’ve probably spent some time browsing through used car listings, and without knowing it, you’ve likely looked at previous rental cars. Most dealership lots are crammed with used cars that have been rented locally.

So before you go visit dealerships and look for cars for sale, why not consider buying an ex-rental? Here are few good reasons to convince you!

Lower Prices

Rental businesses already get a volume discount on their vehicles. As a result, the price at which they must sell the car in order to refill their fleet is inherently lower than in a private transaction. Rental businesses aren’t looking to earn a lot of money off of these deals. Compared to used cars of the same make and type, most former rental vehicles will fetch at least a $1,000 discount.

Newer Makes and Models

Rental car businesses aim to attract customers with new vehicles, not ones that are more than ten years old. Buying a rental car makes a lot of sense if you want to acquire a vehicle that was manufactured recently. If many people have used it, you will be able to fetch a much lower price for a car with more modern technology and enhanced safety features than a single-owner vehicle!

Furthermore, because nearly every new car comes with a three-year/36,000-mile guarantee, your ex-rental might still have a year or more of factory coverage left.

Regular Maintenance and Cleaning

People do not want to drive a damaged rented vehicle. Companies devote a significant amount of time and resources to the cleaning and maintenance of their fleet. To get the most value out of each car, most respectable companies adhere to the manufacturer’s suggested service schedule. They also regularly engage highly trained in-house mechanics to ensure that the vehicle runs well for years to come.

No-Haggle Purchasing

No haggling means you pay the price rental companies are asking or walk away. This makes the purchase procedure easy because you won’t have to deal with pricing disputes. Rental businesses, rather than raising prices to earn a little more money, want to get rid of their fleet as soon as possible. This means you’ll be getting a good deal on a car with no need to worry about upselling or drawn-out negotiations!

Easier Shopping

Most rental vehicles do not have customizable options, so you won’t find tinted windows or an enhanced radio in the majority of types and models. What you will discover is a more convenient purchasing experience. Furthermore, the majority of the purchase procedure takes place online, with some contracts even being sent to your home or workplace.


Every year, the biggest car rental businesses purchase around two million vehicles. After two years or so, those cars are sold through large auctions or to interested individual parties. You may not know it, but one out of every five vehicles out there is a rental or an ex-rental.

Aside from the local used car dealership, there are many locations to seek a previous rental vehicle if you’re looking for one. Buying a previously rented car follows a process comparable to buying any other used vehicle. Just remember that there are a few things to keep in mind, especially when looking at the price, model year, maintenance, and mileage.

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