Why You Should Buy a Used 2012 Toyota RAV4 Small SUV

toyota rav 4

Finding a car is not always easy. If you’re looking through used cars, it might be challenging depending on the circumstances. It’s challenging to find a dependable vehicle with unique designs. One car model you can count on is the 2012 Toyota RAV4, which can still function perfectly even as a preloved model.

Why the Pre-Owned 2012 Toyota RAV4 SUV is a Great Steal

Reasonably Priced for its Performance

If you’re buying a used car, chances are you’re on a bit of a budget. At Lewis Motor Sales, a used 2012 Toyota RAV4 is $11,900, which is not a bad deal considering the make and model. This model usually sells for $16,000 or more, with only a few changes between the models. To save cash and get your money’s worth, it may be better to go with the 2012 version.

Notable Key Features

  • In terms of functionality, the 2012 Toyota RAV4 can also offer a V6 engine, which is rare in the compact SUV class. 
  • This produces 269 hp, which is 90 more than the usual 2.5-liter four-cylinder. 
  • You can also say that it’s somewhat fuel-efficient with an EPA-estimated 19/26 MPG city/highway.

A Family Car Choice 

SUVs are popular among families for their size and performance, though it wasn’t always like this. The typical RAV4 stereotype is that it is compact, uses too much gas, short on space, and has a weak engine.

The 2006-2012 Toyota RAV4s challenged this notion and changed it completely by adding features not found in other SUV models at the time. This model was the only one that incorporated a third-row seat—something even newer models don’t have.

Expert and Buyer Recommended

The 2012 Toyota RAV4 had quite a reputation during its time. It’s not exactly a classic car, but it was an impressive model at the time of its release. It was granted the US News Award for Best Affordable Compact SUV with 3 Rows for the Money and was listed among the top models in affordable compact SUVs and affordable crossovers.

What to Know When Buying a used 2012 Toyota RAV4 SUV

While the model may be a bit older, it is able to last for quite a long time because of the way it was manufactured. Even after years of use, it can still perform its functions as a reliable family vehicle.  When looking for models of this car, the condition is very important. If it doesn’t run just as it should, it’s not worth your investment. 


The RAV4’s third-generation (2006-2012) may not be the talk of the town as much as other models, but it does possess a charming appeal that most families may gravitate towards and benefit from. And as one of the first ones to come out, future iterations might have never been developed without the innovations of the 2012 model.

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